Rinpoche’s specific qualities 14


“Fearlessness” has been imprinted in all of Yangtang Rinpoche’s past lives from the beginning. In Tibetan, “Jikme” འཇིགས་མེད་ means fearlessness. Yangtang Rinpoche’s first life was Lhatsün Namkha Jikme, and later was Jikme Bawo who revitalized the teachings in Sikkim. In terms of reincarnation lineage in Domang, the first life was Jigme Tsultrim Ösal, the founder of the Domang monastery. In Rinpoche’s full name — Kunzang Jikme Dechen Ösal Dorje– there is of course the word “Jikme.”

The fearless spirit of Rinpoche manifests in many things and events. Fearlessness is not just about being “very brave” or “not afraid of things”, it requires a lot of work behind it. I think those efforts include right knowledge, right mindfulness, unshakable faith, strong resolve, and high professional proficiency of View, Meditation and Action of the Great Perfection.

This short piece contains two events, and I personally witnessed the second one. I watched it with wide-eyed attention from beginning to end. I wonder if anyone has seen the classic horror film ” The Exorcist”, where the girl from the floor above walks down the staircase in a “reverse spider” posture. Basically, she’s lying down, but her limbs are moving against gravity, not only touching the ground, but also exerting force. You can imagine yourself facing up with your palms and soles of your hands and feet touching the ground. And then quickly moving like a spider… Well, I’ve revealed enough, that’s it.

Since today is New Year’s Eve and also the New Moon Day, I would like to offer this “Wow! Wow!” which mentions the New Moon Day briefly.

I wish all be fearless ultimately.