Rinpoche’s specific qualities 15

A boat in Alameda

Gyaltrul Rinpoche said, “Among many lamas that I have seen, Yangthang Rinpoche is one who is upmost peculiar. When you asked him walk toward northeast by east, instead he will walk northwest by west (Tibetan expression)”; Similarly, His Holiness Dodrupchen Rinpoche said, “Among many lamas, Yangthang Rinpoche had a special unique quality that surpassed others.”
During my talk (Yangthang Rinpoche’s biography sharing session) a few days ago, in the beginning I introduced Rinpoche’s special qualities, which are something not simply “unique”, “one of a kind” or “special”, but rather something deeply imbued as his core spiritual qualities. True, there are many social media giants, powerful politicians, popular entertainment stars, famed artists that all have their own unique way for their notoriety. Indeed, their success is palpable but really underneath they are often self-serving. There is a lack of genuine inspiration or motivation.
Rinpoche made a historical mark in his chapter of Dharma activities when he bestowed the entire Rinchen Terzod in the United States for 70 days that consists of about 1000 empowerments. Rinpoche often gave spontaneous teachings during that period. This short talk was inspired by one of the spontaneous teachings that were given after he finished the empowerment for the day.
This video clip reflects Rinpoche’s uniqueness. He said he is very happy and content. Why is he happy? What is the source of his happiness one might wonder…. Even to the point that Rinpoche would rarely sleep… Why Rinpoche wakes up at pre-dawn hours to engage in Dharma practice? Why the example of northwest by west – the opposite direction? ….. all these are subtle keys to unlock Rinpoche’s core spiritual beliefs. Although these clues are subtle but also profound, if one can dive into the deeper meaning. As this epiphany moment emerged, tears are welling forth on my face!
According to sutra, there is a saying that the precious human body is like a boat that has the potential to enable us to go beyond. Honestly, I think to simply rely just on our corporeal body for enlightenment is quite difficult. Sometimes, we really need to rely on the compassion of a precious holy being to guide us towards transcendence. Yet, how difficult is that.
Today is the lunar new year. Instead of taking a day off, I offer this video called “A Boat in Alameda”.