Rinpoche’s specific qualities 16

Lava & Lama

In 1990, Yangtang Rinpoche first flew to Taiwan. The main reason at that time was to carry out construction at Domang Monastery and to rebuild the monastery system destroyed in the 1950s. During his staying of several months in Taiwan, he did not have many opportunities for public teachings because he was not well-known at that time. At the end of June, he visited Sun Moon Lake and taught several days of empowerments at Mi-Zhang-Yuan (Vajrayana Institute) in Dali, Taichung, of which the first day’s teachings of Manjushri empowerment was historically the first transmission of Rinpoche’s overseas Dharma activities.

In the autumn of the same year, he arrived in the United States, although he was a new comer to this country, he had various experiences. With the help of Gyatul Rinpoche, Yangtang Rinpoche’s first trip to the United States received a great response. In his lifetime, he taught Dzogchen Nyingtik Yabshi (Four Parts of the Heart Essence) for three times, two of which were taught during this trip to the United States. His teachings covered Northern and Southern California, Oregon, New Mexico, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York on the East Coast.

The origin is an interesting thing. Rinpoche was not too publicly active when he first came to Taiwan and this continued until his last trip to Taiwan in 2012. In contrast, he was busily turning the wheel of Dharma when he first arrived in the United States and every trip to the US afterwards was characterized by systematic large-scale Dharma activities. Of course, the presence of Gyatul Rinpoche was certainly a major factor.

In any case, during this trip from Taiwan to the United States, Rinpoche received much generous support from patrons, which allowed him to return to Domang and in four years or so, he established the Buddhist College and Retreat Center. The details of this can be found in Chapter 3 of “This is My Pure Land” under the section “White Clouds, White Swans, and the Lotus Born in the Sky.” After his trip to the United States, before returning to Asia, Rinpoche also visited Hawaii. At that time, the host was the protagonist of this short piece – Sevyn.

In reality, after several months of hard work in spreading the Dharma, modifying the teachings, and connecting with people in Taiwan and the mainland United States, there is no better arrangement than recharging and relaxing in Hawaii. However, the kindness shown by Gyatul Rinpoche is only “mentally received” by Yangtang Rinpoche. In front of others and in private, on the Dharma throne or off, Rinpoche consistently shows a consistent demeanor. I have visited nearly 200 friends who have a connection with Rinpoche in different times and places, and every description of Rinpoche’s demeanor, personality, style, habits, etc. are consistent. Just this fact alone is extremely rare. In 2013, Rinpoche said in a teaching in Maryland to be “consistent inner and outer” and ” same outside and inside.” These eight words are not only a basic foundation for a Buddhist to have before entering the path, but also a demeanor and character that is manifested after practicing Dharma. In that bright and beautiful Hawaii, where one can “do whatever they want and no one knows what they are doing,” let us take a look at Yangtang Rinpoche’s extraordinary and special manifestation once again through Sevyn’s words.