Rinpoche’s specific qualities 18

Mother and Son

The “Mother and Son Twin Stupas” intend to present the unique mother-son bond in the world. The mother built a stupa for her son with a sense of resignation, like a white-haired person sending off a black-haired one. The son built a tower for his mother with feelings of gratitude for his mother.

According to the description of Lopön Tenpa Gyatso from Pema Yangtse monastery, every year on the anniversary of Rinpoche’s mother’s death, Rinpoche would ask the monks to recite sutras and make offerings, a total of 12 years. On the 12th year of reciting sutras, Rinpoche said, “From next year onwards, it’s not necessary to do it anymore. You should also do it for 12 years for your departed loved ones.”

After 12 years, Rinpoche’s niece Changchub Dolma gave birth to a daughter, known as “Anggo” Tashi Tshem Tsho. She had a close relationship with Rinpoche as if he were her grandfather and she were his granddaughter. In the foreward she wrote for the book “This is My Pure Land,” she also referred to Rinpoche as her grandfather. In fact, she was the reincarnation of Rinpoche’s mother. In previous years, Achok Rinpoche had also recognized her as the reincarnation of Dakini Kunzang Chodrön, and Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche enthroned her during his teachings in Siliguri.

In the video, Yab Kaila is also an elder that I deeply respect. He has pure devotion and faith in Rinpoche when Rinpoche lived in Yuksom for over a decade during his last perioud of life. The location where Rinpoche lived was known as the “Yuksom Zan Kang” (Yuksom Retreat House) and the land was donated to Rinpoche by Yab Kaila. This donation was significant as Rinpoche rebuilt two monasteries during his stay at Yuksom Zan Kang, as detailed in the section “The Glory of the Four Yogi Friends” in his biography. The land was donated by Yab Kaila’s two younger brothers. Additionally, the final construction of the 18-Dharma-Wheel Hall during Rinpoche’s stay in Sikkim was donated by Changchub Dolma (Yab Kaila’s daughter). Furthermore, during Rinpoche’s recovery period after a hip surgery, Yab Kaila brought him medicine bath spring water every day. Overall, the family has a close relationship with Rinpoche and I deeply respect and appreciate them.
As for the bunch of bananas mentioned by Lopön Tenpa Gyatso, I think it will probably become the most blessed bananas in the world. This part won’t be a spoiler here.